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Unleash your potential with our all-inclusive basketball experience. Designed to help you reach new heights in your game, The Academy by Hoop Land offers a comprehensive package of skill-building, team camaraderie, and a top-notch facility.

Your Academy Select Team membership includes:

Practice and Training:

  • 1x Weekly Team Practice: Hone your teamwork, communication, and game strategy with dedicated team sessions led by dedicated coaches.
  • 2x Small Group Trainings: Receive personalized attention and targeted drills to fine-tune your skills and take your performance to the next level.


  • 2x Tournaments Per Month or Weekly League Play: Showcase your talents and compete against other top-notch players, putting your training to the ultimate test.
  • 1x Weekly In-House Game Play: Immerse yourself in real-game scenarios every week, perfecting your on-court decision-making and agility.

Unlimited Access, Unlimited Progress:

  • Hoop Land Membership: Gain unlimited access to our cutting-edge shooting machines and training, giving you the perfect environment to refine your shooting technique and overall game.
  • Academy Training Classes: Expand your basketball game with specialized training classes, designed to sharpen your game, basketball IQ, and overall gameplay.

Affordable Excellence:

  • Membership Fee: Just $269 monthly (+Taxes) with a 6-month commitment, providing you with consistent, high-quality training and resources to transform your skills.
  • Sign-Up Fee: A one-time payment of $59 gets you started on your transformative basketball journey.
Join The Academy by Hoop Land today and experience the ultimate basketball evolution! Don’t miss out on this unparalleled opportunity to take your game to the next level.